Name: Rejitha Nath

Title: Research student

Affiliation: Monash University

Rejitha is a transport planning enthusiast with academic and work experience in travel demand modelling. Her research interests include network optimisation, simulation and operational modelling in public transport. She is passionate about establishing urban transport sustainability through innovative planning approaches.

Rejitha is currently undertaking her PhD at Monash University on the topic of Improving Network Synchronisation in Melbourne.

Bachelor of Technology, Civil-Infrastructure Engineering, SRM University, Chennai, India (2013)

Master of Technology, Transportation Engineering, Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research-Central Road Research Institute (CSIR-CRRI), New Delhi, India (2015)

2010 – Merit Scholarship for academic excellence (Performance based  scholarship award), SRM University, Chennai

2013 – Best Outgoing Student (2009-13), Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, SRM University, Chennai

2015 – Contributor in “Development and Application of Technologies for Sustainable Transportation (SUSTRANS)”, CSIR-CRRI project that received Skoch Order of Merit Award, India’s Best (2015) in Smart Technology, Delhi

Conference Papers

  1. Rejitha, N., Ravi Sekhar, Ch., and Madhu, E. (2015). Development of Four Stage Travel Demand Model and Identification of Feeder Route for the NCT of Delhi, In 11th EASTS Conference,  Cebu, Philippines.
  2. Rejitha, N., Ravi Sekhar, Ch., and Madhu, E. (2015). Evaluation of Policy Measures in View of Promoting Sustainable Transportation System. Transport Research Procedia, 14th World Conference on Transport Research (WCTR), Shanghai, China (In press).