Researching Transit: The public transport research podcast

Most humans now live in growing cities where increasing traffic congestion risks liveability, the environment and economic productivity.  Public transport is now widely seen as a solution for mega-city growth due to its social, economic and mass travel efficiency. However the industry faces significant challenges. Infrastructure, systems and even thinking in the industry is old and out of date. Policy and regulatory structures are ‘path dependent’ on historical approaches and lack progressive thinking.  There is a global need to revitalise public transport with new knowledge and thinking to build a progressive future for the industry.

Join Professor Graham Currie speaking to world leading public transport researchers about insights aimed at addressing these challenges.

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About the show

Researching Transit lets you listen in to conversations with leading public transport researchers around the world. Our aim is to increase global knowledge about public transport research by:

  • Engaging the public in shared learning around contemporary issues and innovation in public transport, and
  • Providing a platform for public transport research communication

Researching Transit is brought to you by the Public Transport Research Group, part of the Institute of Transport Studies in the Monash University Department of Civil Engineering.