Impact of Shared Modes on Travel Behaviour in Melbourne

Impact of Shared Modes on Travel Behaviour in Melbourne

The community’s needs for personal mobility increasingly include transport options such as bike share and car share. This creates a need for PTV to better understand usage of these modes in Melbourne and how they are affecting mobility and travel choices – specifically public transport use.

This project explores:

  • Availability and use of shared modes in Melbourne vis-a-vis the changing socio-demographic context
  • Impact of access to shared modes on car ownership, car use, public transport use and active travel in Melbourne
  • Market segmentation of shared mobility users and the attitudes which drive the shift in their travel behaviour.

This project is part of the Sustainable and Effective Public Transport – Graduate Research Industry Partnership (SEPT-GRIP) and was supervised by Professor Geoff Rose and Dr Marilyn Johnson. The project was being undertaken by Taru Jain and sponsored by Transport for Victoria and Monash University.

The thesis is available online here.

  • Date April 18, 2016
  • Tags Appraisal/Evaluation, Attitudes, Australasia, Bike, Economics, Geoff Rose, Integration, Melbourne, Mode, Organisation, Partners, Performance, Place, Planning, Public Transport Victoria, Ridership, SEPT-GRIP, Victoria

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