RT13 – Angel Cantillo – Understanding fare evasion to improve transit

RT13 – Angel Cantillo – Understanding fare evasion to improve transit

Researching Transit – Episode 13

Published: September 2020

Keywords: public transport, transit, fare evasion, enforcement, perception, policy, fares

In this episode of Researching Transit, Angel Cantillo from the Catholic University of Santiago explains the impacts of fare evasion, and new approaches to understanding and addressing the motivations of fare evaders

Fare evasion impacts the operating costs of transit network around the world. It can create negative perceptions toward the public transport network, of insecurity and unfairness, which in turn impacts transit use.

However, traditional approaches to enforcing fare compliance, including physical barriers or fines, are no longer regarded as effective. Facebook groups and other ‘out in the open’ anti-fare groups demonstrate the limits of physical barriers when enforceability is limited. Conversely, such approaches may have unintended consequences for certain users.

“When the same person fare evades many times, something is not working”

Can understanding the nuanced motivations unlock more effective solutions than the traditional enforcement approach? According to Angel, when it comes to understanding and addressing fare evasion, obtaining good evidence is key.

“Your solution will be as good as your data”

Fare evaders are different, and motivated by different factors. The actions of fare evaders often signpost opportunities to improve our transit systems.

In this episode, Angel refers to work by PTRG to understand fare evaders ‘ motivations. Learn more.

See also:
Delbosc, A., & Currie, G. (2019). Why do people fare evade? A global shift in fare evasion research. Transport Reviews, 39(3), 376-391. https://doi.org/10.1080/01441647.2018.1482382

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  • Date September 13, 2020
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