RT21 – Dr Robbie Napper – Applied design as a research tool for transit

RT21 – Dr Robbie Napper – Applied design as a research tool for transit

Researching Transit – Episode 21

Published: April 2021

Keywords: public transport, transit, industrial design, mobility design, bus, first and last mile, bike, transit access, user centred design

Dr Robbie Napper is an industrial designer who applies his skills to make public transport easier to use. Robbie works as a lecturer and researcher in the Monash University Department of Design, and is Deputy Director of the Mobility Design Lab, as well as a member of a number of TRB research committees.


Robbie is interested in making sure transit is fit for purpose. This means understanding the user, and asking ‘whose purpose’? He speaks about the design approach to developing better transit solutions, which involves testing an iterating over solutions, and designing them with subtle variations to meet the needs of different user groups.


Read more about Robbie and his work in the Mobility Design Lab:


Read about the Wheelie project: https://www.monash.edu/mada/research/the-wheelie


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  • Date April 4, 2021
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