RT22 – Dr Alexa Delbosc – The Psychology of Public Transport

RT22 – Dr Alexa Delbosc – The Psychology of Public Transport

Researching Transit – Episode 22

Published: April 2021

Keywords: public transport, transit, psychology, millennials, mobility, mindfulness

Dr Alexa Delbosc is a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Transport Studies at Monash University. With a PhD in civil engineering and a Masters in social psychology, Dr Delbosc’s expertise is geared toward understanding the psychology of transport use. In today’s show, she speaks with Professor Graham Currie about the psychology of public transport use.

Dr Delbosc first discusses the public transport habits of millennials, including how COVID-19 has affected their life plans and mobility. She also delves into a new and novel research topic: that of mindfulness and mobility. Dr Delbosc discusses the unique opportunity public transport presents to ‘send the mind away’, and how this affects their experience of travelling.

Read more about Alexa and her latest research on the topics discussed during today’s show:


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  • Date April 18, 2021
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