RT23 – Introducing the Handbook of Public Transport Research

RT23 – Introducing the Handbook of Public Transport Research

Researching Transit – Episode 23

Published: May 2021

Keywords: public transport, transit, user perspectives, policy, planning, operations, service development

Professor Graham Currie introduces a new book that is hot off the press: The Handbook of Public Transport Research. The book, edited by Professor Currie, is the most recent in the Research Handbooks in Transport Studies series, published by Edward Elgar. It brings together the latest research from 52 authors across 10 countries, packed into 21 chapters.

In this episode of the podcast, Graham provides an in-depth preview of the book. The aim of the book is to guide readers through the emerging challenges and opportunities for public transport posed by urbanisation and the growth of mega-cities.

The book weaves together expert knowledge and research at the intersection of public transport and a diverse array of disciplines. These include industrial designing, optimisation, economics and land-use planning. It is organised into five sections, which enable practitioners and researchers to dive into the perspective that is relevant for them. These are:

  1. Research Foundations
  2. User Perspectives
  3. Policy Perspectives
  4. Planning and Operations Perspectives
  5. Service development and Future Perspectives

We take a deeper look at Chapter Two – State of the Art of Public Transport Research. This Chapter, co-authored by Dr Nicholas Fournier (UC Berkeley) and Graham, provides an interesting overview of the geographic trends and topic strengths and weaknesses in public transport research.

This episode is the first in a series that will cover a chapter of the handbook in depth through conversations with the authors.

Download the book from Edward Elgar publishing

You can stay up to date with public transport innovations via World Transit Research, the database used by authors Nicholas Fournier and Professor Currie to compile Public Transport: State of the Art, for this book. Subscribe: www.worldtransitresearch.info.

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  • Date May 2, 2021
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