Designing Urban Rail to Reduce Vandalism

Designing Urban Rail to Reduce Vandalism

Vandalism on railways acts to deteriorate service quality as trains must be removed from service. It also acts to reduce the quality of passenger environments by reducing feelings of personal safety and generally deteriorates the quality of the passenger experience of rail.

This project seeks to explore how the design of rail rolling stock, stations and rights of way might be better adapted to reduce vandalism as it impacts on rail reliability and customer experience. The project will explore types of vandalism and its motivations. It also seeks to understand how vandalism impacts on service reliability and how passengers perceive and are influenced by vandalism.

The research will identify effective redesign proposals for the rail environment to address vandalism and its service/passenger impacts.

This project is part of the Sustainable and Effective Public Transport – Graduate Research Industry Partnership (SEPT-GRIP) and was supervised by Dr Selby Coxon. The project was undertaken by Amy Killen and sponsored by Metro Trains Melbourne and Monash University.

The thesis is available online here.

  • Date April 18, 2016
  • Tags Infrastructure, Maintainance, Metro Trains Melbourne, Mode, Operations, Partners, Rail, Reliability, Rolling Stock, Selby Coxon, SEPT-GRIP, Station