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Valuing Customer Experience

LTA Academy Singapore, 19th February 2020


Mass Transit for Megacities

SMRT Endowed Professor Public Lecture, NTU Singapore, 18 February 2020


Monash Research Discoveries in Transport Policy and Planning

LTA Singapore – Sharing Session, 14 February 2020


Transport Disruption Management and Resilience

SARTI ETN-SPARC Training Week, RMIT Melbourne, 4th February 2020


Demand Responsive Micro Transit

Transforming Transportation, World Bank, Washington D.C. , 16-17 January 2020


Covid-19 – Long Term Travel Impact Research – Early Results – Summary of Key Points

Committee for Melbourne – Webinar – Reimagining Mobility in Melbourne after COVID-19 Tuesday 19th May 2020


Long Term Post-Pandemic Impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis on Travel – Early Results

Smart Public Transport Lab Seminar, TU Delft Netherlands, Wednesday 3rd June 2020

New Approaches to Managing Road Space for Bus and Tram Priority

National Roads and Traffic Expo 2019 Melbourne Convention and Exhibition 17th September 2019


Melbourne Airport Rail Link – Status, Rationale and Options

Victorian State Parliamentary Briefing, Parliament House, Melbourne, 12 September 2019


Lies, Damned Lies, AV’s, Shared Mobility and Urban Transit Futures

Smart Communities Series Smart Mobility, Melbourne, Australia, 11th September 2019


Equity in transport and transport related social exclusion

Festival of Urbanism, Monash Caulfield campus, Melbourne, Australia, 4 September 2019


Improving Public Transport (Buses) in Melbourne a customer focus

Fixing Melbourne’s Transport Now– Putting Customer Service First, Transport for Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, 9th August 2019


Innovations in Roadspace Management from the Monash Public Transport Research Group

AITPM National Traffic and Transport Conference 2019 – Workshop 2; Innovations for Moving People, 2nd August 2019


Transit Fightback Pushback on Technology Hype for Stronger City Futures

AITPM National Traffic and Transport Conference 2019, Adelaide Convention Centre, Australia,1st August 2019


The Challenge of Planning Transport Futures

National Local Government Infrastructure & Asset Management Conference, 6 July 2019


Transit Fightback – Pushback on Technology Hype for Stronger City Futures

The 19th COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals, Nanjing China, 6 July 2019


A New Station Design Audit Tool for Personal Safety Using Crime Prevention Through EnvironmentalDesign (CPTED)

Design and Development of Stations and Terminals Swissotel, Sydney, Australia, 28 June 2017


Good Practice Public Transport Concessions

International Public Transport Forum Leipzig, Germany, 21 May 2019


Melbourne Airport Rail Link Rationale and Options

11th Annual Victorian Transport Infrastructure Conference 2019, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, 2 May 2019


Lies, Damned Lies, AV’s, Shared, Mobility and Urban Transit, Futures

MiT Transit Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge Massachusetts, Boston USA, 12 April 2019


Global Transformation of Revenue Compliance on Light Rail and Tram Systems

14th National Light Rail & Streetcar Conference, Jersey City, 7 April 2019


Public Transport Research Group

20 March 2019


How to Improve Public Transport [in Melbourne]

Transport Australia Society, Engineers Australia, Melbourne, 19 March 2019

My Research Impact

DCE Impact Interaction Meeting, 5 December 2018


How to Improve Public Transport in Melbourne

Public Lecture, Hawthorn Town, 12 November 2018


Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Me, Us and Urban (Public) Transport & Technology

Monash Business School MBA Program, Caulfield Campus, Melbourne, 17 October 2018


Engaging with Government for Research Impact

Graduate Research Conference, Clayton campus, Monash University, 8 October 2018


Public Transport Fightback- attacking tech lies and hype for city futures

2018 Australasia Bus Conference, Pullman Cairns International Hotel, Queensland, 8 October 2018


Overview –PT Research @ MonashHot Collaboration Topics

Monash University, September 2018 


Millennials and Me
Smart Public Transport Lab, TU Delft, 24 September 2018


Melbourne Transport – Problems, Progress and Futures

Transport for Melbourne, Public Forum –Fixing Melbourne’s Transport, 24thAugust 2018


Fixing Melbourne’s transport– Why we need a new approach

24 August 2018


International Research Innovations in Light Rail Planning

Light Rail Planning and Delivery 2018, Pullman Sydney Airport, Mascot, 30 August 2018


Public Transport Research @ Monash

AITM Tech Forum –Transport Research in Victoria, 22 August 2018


Public Transport Research Group – Light Rail Research

Monash University and Canberra’s Light Rail Network Information Exchange, 23 August 2018



Learning from International Practice -MaaScan it deliver on the hype?

Transport Australia Society, Engineers Australia, Melbourne, 24 July 2018


Fully autonomous public transport – Implications for commuters and potential, public acceptance issues

Land Transport Authority of Singapore, Research Advisory Panel LTA Hampshire Campus, 11  July 2018


The Future of Public Transport

Engineers Australia, A Sustainable Approach to Metropolitan People Movement by cars, PT & active transport, Melbourne , 24 May 2018


Distraction –Curiosity Killed the Cat

Civil Engineering Safety Day, 29 May 2018


Lies, Damn Lies, V’s, Shared Mobility and Urban Transit Futures

CUTR Webinar, 18 April 2018


Excellence in Transportation Management Solving Big City Congestion – Including Quick and Cheaper Options

Ministry of Transportation and Monash University, Transport Dialogue: Leadership, Innovation & Solutions, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Jakarta, 10 April 2018


Network Impact Management Plan Solving the Big Squeeze –the Cheap and Quick Way

March 2018


Yarra Trams –Monash Research Selection
Yarra Trams, Melbourne, 19 March 2018



Lies, Damn Lies, AVs, Shared Mobility and Urban Transit Futures

39th Australasian Transport Research Forum, University of Auckland, Grafton Campus, Auckland, New Zealand, 29 November 2017.


Melbourne Buses, Performance, Progress and Futures

Metropolitan Transport Forum, Bus Matters Forum, Melbourne, 31 October 2017.


Melbourne Buses, Performance, Progress and Futures

Eastern Transport Coalition, October Meeting, City of Whitehorse, 26 October 2017.


Update on Melbourne Public Transport Futures

Committee for Melbourne, Transport Series: Urban Mobility, RACV Club, Melbourne, 25 October 2017.


Smart Management of Infrastructure Demand: Populate or Perish – Is a Big Australia Better?

Burwood Electorate Conference for the Liberal Party, Melbourne, 8 August 2017.


Update on Melbourne Public Transport Futures

Athenaeum Club Address, Melbourne, 8 August 2017.


Transport Futures

Monash Business School/Future Business Council, Melbourne, 4 August 2017.


A New Station Design Audit Tool for Personal Safety Using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Design and Development of Stations and Terminals, Sydney, 28 June 2017.


Making the Case: Mass Transit

UITP Young Transport Professionals Seminar, Melbourne, 22 June 2017.


Do ‘travel plans’ support liveability at new residential developments?

Transport Australia Society Seminar, Engineers Australia, Melbourne, 23 May 2017.


Melbourne Transport Problems & Progress – Ideas for Bold Politicians

Whitehorse Greens Party, Melbourne, 2 March 2017.


Melbourne Buses, Bus Ridership Growth and LGA Data

Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF), Melbourne, 1 March 2017.


New Perspectives and Methods in Transport and Social Exclusion Research

University of Guadalajara, Mexico, 18-19 January 2017.

Travel Plans: Definition, Issues & Effectiveness

University of Cape Town, South Africa, 10 November 2016.


Transforming Cities with Sympathetic Light Rail Transit Insertion – Lessons for Australia

9th International Urban Design Conference, Canberra, 8 November 2016.


Melbourne Transport Problems & Progress – Ideas for Bold Politicians

Academy of Technology, Science and Engineering (ATSE) Parliamentary Briefing, Melbourne, 27 October 2016.


Introduction to Public Transport Research and Education at Monash

Visit of ITS China to Monash University, 12 October 2016.


Monash University Research Program on the Road Safety Impacts of Public Transport Priority

Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management (AITPM), Melbourne, 27 September 2016.


Public Transport Issues in Melbourne: Why Melbourne Metro and Grade Crossings are not the only concerns for Melbourne

Glen Waverley Branch of the Australian Labor Party, 26 September 2016.


Quality Development: A Transport Perspective

City of Moreland Quality Development Workshop, 20 September 2016.


Benchmarking Public Transport in Melbourne

Transport for Melbourne: What’s the Plan? 4 August 2016.


International Developments in Light Rail Transit Design & Planning

Driving Growth in Light Rail, Sydney, 27 July 2016.


Autonomous Vehicles: Potential Impacts on Travel Behaviour and Our Industry

BusVic Maintenance Conference, Melbourne, 7 July 2016.


Research Perspectives & Comments on Managing Rail Grade Crossings in Melbourne

8th Victorian Transport Infrastructure Conference, Melbourne, 15-16 June 2016.


Unplanned Rail Disruptions: Understanding customer perspectives and the role and use of social media

Australasian Railway Association (ARA) Customer Service Forum, Perth, 3 May 2016.


Research Perspectives & Comments on Rail Grade Crossing Removal in Melbourne

Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association (VPELA), Melbourne, 28 April 2016.


Public Transport & Socially Inclusive Communities

Public Transport Victoria, Melbourne, 23 March 2016.


Public Transport Research @ Monash

Transport Safety Victoria (TSV), Melbourne, 7 March 2016.


Understanding the Wider Value of Honor Based Ticketing in Light Rail

Light Rail 2016 – Transforming the Urban Transport Landscape, Melbourne, 25 February 2016.


Revenue Protection – National and International Research Perspectives

Transport for London (TfL), United Kingdom, 19 January 2016.