Knowles Tivendale

Name: Knowles Tivendale

Title: Principal

Affiliation: Phillip Boyle and Associates

Knowles has over 20 years’ experience on strategic planning and transport integration projects for public sector organisations and government departments. He works collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to
achieve his vision of developing integrated, efficient and sustainable public transport solutions. In his eleven years as a consultant, and previous ten years in local government, he has led multidisciplinary teams on complex projects:
Researching and producing integrated transport plans, strategic frameworks, business cases and options assessments.
Evaluating transport networks including financial and economic modelling.
Developing transport network improvement strategies focussed on delivering enhanced customer value to the wider community.

Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning, University of New England

Master of Transport, Monash University

National chairperson of the Planning Institute of Australia’s Transport Planning Chapter

Member of the U.S. Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Transport
and Land Development Committee

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Currie, G, Scott, R & Tivendale, K 2013, Experience with Value-for-Money Urban Public Transport System Enhancements, NZ Transport Agency Research Report 531.

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