Name: Laura Aston

Title: Research student

Affiliation: Monash University

Laura’s professional and academic pursuits are driven by an interest in the role of transportation in achieving sustainable objectives in the urban realm. Prior to joining Monash, Laura gained experience in sustainability consulting in the private sector, and as a transport planner for the Victorian State Government.

Laura is currently undertaking her PhD, investigating the relationship between the built environment and public transport use. Her research interests include sustainable travel behaviour and transport and land use integration.

Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Hons)/ Bachelor of Arts, Monash University

Journal articles

Aston, L, Currie, G, Delbosc, A, Kamruzzaman, M & Teller, D 2020, Study design impacts on built environment and transit use research’, Journal of Transport Geography, vol. 82,

Aston, L., Currie, G. & Pavkova, K. 2016. Does transit mode influence the transit-orientation of urban development? – An empirical study. Journal of Transport Geography, 55, 83-91,

Conference papers

Aston, L, Min, C, Currie, G, Delbosc, A, Kamruzzaman, M & Teller, D 2019, ‘Meta-analysis of the built environment and transit use relationship in different countries’, paper presented to Australasian Transportation Research Forum, Canberra, Australia, 30 September – 2 October 2019

Walsh, E. & Aston, L. 2018, Targeting Cycling Infrastructure at Railway Stations: A Ride Share Propensity Index, National Conference of the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management Inc., Perth, Western Australian, 24 – 27 July, 2018.

ASTON, L., CURRIE, G. & PAVKOVA, K. 2015. Investigating the Transit-Orientation of Existing Urban Development Around Melbourne Trams Compared to Other Public Transport Modes. Australasian Transportation Research Forum. Sydney, Australia.


Poster presentation

Aston, L, Currie, G, Kamruzzaman, M, Delbosc, A, Fournier, N & Teller, D 2020, ‘Exploring Variation in Built Environment Predictors of Ridership by Transit Mode’, Transportation Research Board 99th Annual Meeting, 2020.

ASTON, L., CURRIE, G. & PAVKOVA, K. Is There a Modal Bias to the Transit-Orientation of Urban Development?  Transportation Research Board 95th Annual Meeting, 2016.



Aston, L, Currie, G, Kamruzzaman, M, Delbosc, A & Teller, D 2019, BE-TU: Built Environment and Transit Use Meta-database, 1 edn, figshare [Dataset]

Student Membership Representative – Institute of Transportation Engineers


BE-TU: Built Environment and Transit Use Open Source Empirical Research Meta-database

Access to database via figshare at:

The BE-TU meta-database provides a comprehensive repository of empirical built environment and transit use studies. Its purpose is to increase the visibility of relevant empirical built environment and transit use research making future knowledge development in the field easier and more robust.

The database contains qualitative information about study design as well as high-level results pertaining to relationships between the built environment (BE) and transit use (TU).

Suggestions, feedback and examples of meta-database use

Use this link to submit a study for inclusion in the meta-database, provide feedback or share an example of application of the database:

Aston, L., Currie, G., Delbosc, A., Kamruzzaman, M., & Teller, D. (2019) Built environment and transit use empirical research database: study design and descriptive relationships,

ITE-ANZ President’s Award for Excellence for contribution to young member activities, 2017

AITPM Young Professional of The Year, 2017

ITE-ANZ Undergraduate Student Prize for Outstanding Coursework Research, 2015

Engineering Excellence Award, Monash University, 2009

TRB Planning and Environment Group Young Member Council Subcommittee Member
Co-vice President – Institute of Transportation Engineers Australia & New Zealand Section Inc (2019)

Young Member Liaison, ADD20 (Economic and Social Factors in Planning), Transportation Research Board

Chair, ITE-ANZ Student Leadership Summit, 2019

Board, ITE-ANZ, 2017 – present

Student Membership Representative – ITE, 2017, 2018

Student Member, Planning Institute of Australia, 2017 – present

Student member, AITPM, 2016 – present