Katerina Pavkova

Name: Katerina Pavkova

Title: Research Assistant

Affiliations: Public Transport Research Group, Monash University

10 years of experience with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Cartography
 Experience with transport network modelling, agent-based modelling and GIS modelling
Knowledge of transport systems, ITS technologies, physical and human geography
 Strong programming ability
 Sense for innovation and creativity
 Ability to analyze and resolve problems, identify and validate collected information
 Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, team working and collaboration

Bachelor Geoinformatics and Geography, Palacký University Olomouc 2008

Masters Geoinformatics and Geography, Palacký University Olomouc 2010

Journal Articles

  1. GUO, W., BLYTHE, P. T., EDWARDS, S., PAVKOVA, K. & BRENNAN, D. 2015. Effect of intelligent speed adaptation technology on older drivers’ driving performance. IET Intelligent Transport Systems, 9, 343-350.


Conference Papers

  1. GUO, W., BLYTHE, P. T., BRENNAN, D. & PAVKOVA, K. Stay active, stay safe: Drivers’ perceptions of an intelligent speed control system. 20th ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013, 2013
  2. GUO, W., BRENNAN, D., PAVKOVA, K. & BLYTHE, P. T. Intelligent speed control technology for older drivers. IET Conference Publications, 2012

Map Contribution

  1. Voženílek, V., et. al. (2008): Hranicko – atlas rozvoje mikroregionu. Vydavatelství Univerzity Palackého, Olomouc, 174s. ISBN 978-80-244-1696-0