Name: Ray Kinnear

Title: Director, Network Planning

Affiliation: Department of Transport (Victoria, Australia)

Ray Kinnear is the Director, Network Planning with the Department of Transport (Victoria, Australia) and has a long career in the planning and development of public transport systems. He has:

  • Graduate qualifications in Engineering (with Honours) and post-graduate qualifications in Transport Studies.
  • 40 years practical experience, working in both the passenger and freight sectors; at national, regional and local levels; and in both operator and policy/regulator roles.
  • Experience in the management of numerous major projects at both the strategic and operational levels, many undertaken in complex political, commercial and industrial environments.
  • “Chief Planner” role in one of the world’s largest urban transport privatisations.

Above all, Ray focuses on achieving significant positive outcomes in the public transport sector through innovative strategic thinking, professionally sound analysis and problem solving and clear communications with decision makers and other stakeholders.

He has secured funding for more than $20 billion in new investments in public transport in Victoria resulting in the most rapidly growing public transport system in Australia, with patronage growth of more than 60% in the past 10 years.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons), Melbourne University  1972


Master of Engineering Science (Transport), Monash University 1975

  • Development, evaluation and funding of Melbourne Metro Rail project ($1.5B funding provided in 2015)
  • Development of Victorian Rolling Stock Strategy : “Trains, Trams and Jobs 2015-2025” (including $2 billion funding appropriation in 2015)
  • Development, evaluation and funding of $4.5 billion Regional Rail Link (delivered 2015)
  • Development, evaluation and funding of South Morang rail extension (delivered 2012)
  • Development, evaluation and funding of Sunbury rail electrification (delivered 2010)
  • Development, evaluation and funding of Doncaster Area Rapid Transit network (construction commenced 2009)
  • Feasibility studies into Rail Gauge Standardisation in Victoria, leading to $140M investment decision (constructed 2008)