RT20 – Brendon Hemily – Making Academic Research Relevant to the Transit Industry

RT20 – Brendon Hemily – Making Academic Research Relevant to the Transit Industry

Researching Transit – Episode 20

Published: March 2021

Keywords: public transport, transit, policy, marketing, innovation, partnerships, funding, research, Transportation Research Board

Brendon Hemily is an independent public transport consultant based in Toronto, and Chair of the Public Transportation Group at Transportation Research Board (TRB). TRB brings together researchers, practitioners, government agency staff, and others, from all modes of transportation, to identify research needs, review current research, conduct research, and share and disseminate knowledge on transport research. It is the largest forum for transportation research in the world.


Speaking from experience in both research and practice, Brendon describes the challenges involved in ensuring academic research is pitched appropriately for use in the real world, and leads to innovation in practice. He also reflects on the drastic changes to both the running of TRB, including the move to a virtual conference in January of this year, and of research priorities generally in light of the pressures that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on public transport operations.


You will find Brendon on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brendon-hemily-45104210


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  • Date March 21, 2021
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