Mining Big Data and Visualisation

Mining Big Data and Visualisation

There is an explosion in the availability of very large data sets relevant to public transport customers and to the planning and delivery of services. But there are only limited instances in Victoria where that data is being used to inform decision making, by customers or the service planners / providers. This project explores:

  • What new and relevant data sets are available?
  • How can they be mined to extract meaningful information?
  • How can visualisation help to communicate that information clearly?

This project is part of the Sustainable and Effective Public Transport – Graduate Research Industry Partnership (SEPT-GRIP) and is supervised by Prof Hai Vu. The project is being undertaken by Homayoun Rafati and is sponsored by Transport for Victoria and Monash University.

  • Date February 27, 2017
  • Tags Geographic Information, Intelligent Transport Systems, Partners, Passenger Information, Planning, Public Transport Victoria, SEPT-GRIP, Service Improvement, Technology

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